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Bonjour everyone!

Starting now, we have a peanut free facility! All surfaces were cleaned and we will help everyone to make changes in their lunches and snacks. 

We fallowed the FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) guidance and we will do our best to keep it safe. It is imposible to completely eliminate peanut residues from our entire environment, but because we are an informed small group, it is posible to drastically reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. 

Families living with such an allergy struggle everyday to keep their love ones safe. We certainly appreciate your help!

The Philoglots has offered second language immersion classes since October 2016.  Madame Josee and Madame Sara work together to insure a high quality of teaching. All activities are conducted in French, and all the students get the support needed to improve at their own pace.  At The Philoglots, we only work with small groups (max 8),  and we put every student in "active-learning" using fun monthly themes.  We also work closely with each individual to prepare them for school: we write, read, count and more. The earlier the better! Start now!

For children interested to take private lessons, a semi private class or simply need tutoring, 

The classes are adapted for the specific needs of our students.

We understand how busy families can be during the week.  If we can, we will accommodate students on week-ends.   

All material included

The Philoglots is not only for children!

We offer lessons for adults who want to learn french for the first time or adults who want to continue learning.  

Private lessons and semi private classes, all adapted for the specific needs of our students.  

All material included

We host a meetup group at our location.  If you are interested to join, find us on: Roseville Language et Culture.
Family friendly. 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on March 9th, 2017
Thank you everyone!