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Language Classes for Adults (French and Spanish)

For the summer schedule (in French), there is only private classes available.
Classes are 1 hour and cost $40 
You can contact Madame Josee to schedule a class
Available time:
Mondays 3pm to 6:30pm,
Wednesdays 3pm to 9 pm 
Friday 3pm to 5pm

Groups, Spanish and French, start again in September.

If you really want to learn another language, you found your place to do it!
We offer private classes and group classes. 
60 minutes and are at the level you need. 
Being part of a group is a fun way to learn.
We offer 60 minutes or 90 minutes classes (1,2,3 times a week) where you will be learning how to speak, read and write French. We teach with a "Hands-On" approach. So you will be truly immerse. 
Call to check availability 916 771 4933